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An appreciated public speaker on the topic of disruptive innovation and structural change, Dr. Sandström has given lectures in a wide range of settings, including high-tech firms, universities, healthcare organizations, fairs, public events such as TEDx, and executive education programs.

In 2009, Dr. Sandström became the youngest teacher to be awarded as the best lecturer by the students at the industrial engineering program, Chalmers University of Technoloy. The students’ motivation for the award: “He introduces economics and innovation economics with a passionate commitment and enthusiasm. Through skillful teaching and thoughtful material full of dramatic and entertaining examples he brings the subjects to life, thereby creating a deep understand and lasting knowledge”. Dr. Sandström also received a ‘Best Presentation Award’ at the ISPIM Innovation Symposium in Singapore 2008. Below, a selection of previous speaking engagements.

A recorded sample lecture about disruptive innovation can be found here. A lecture on the disruptive potential of 3D Printing can be found here.


2018, Kodak moments in the automotive industry? ecarexpo, Göteborg.
2018, Digitalization and the university sector, Linköping University.
2018, Moderator, VQ Forum, Stockholm.
2018, Disruptive Innovation, Scania Technology Day, Scania, Södertälje.
2018, Digitalization of the legal sector, Future Lawyer Conference, Oslo.
2018, The unknown truths about Facit and Hasseblad, KTH Executive Education.
2018, Digitalization and political change, Research seminar, Jönköping International Business School.
2018, Digitalization and the sharing economy, Fastighetsvärlden, Malmö.
2018, Disruption and Sustainability, Power Circle Summit Stockholm.
2018, Digitalization of the legal sector, Örebro University and PWC.
2018, Digitalization and real estate sector, Fastighetsvärlden Västerås.
2018, Is 3D Printing an Industrial Revolution? MSc in Digital Business Göteborg University.
2018, Digitalization and real estate sector, Fastighetsvärlden Stockholm.
2018, Innovation and Regulation, Stockholms Handelskammare.
2018, Innovation and Regulation, Svenskt Näringsliv.
2018, Digitalization and real estate sector, Fastighetsvärlden Göteborg.
2018, Digital Disruption, Naturvårdsverket, Kiruna.
2018, Innovation and green growth, The Moderate Party.
2018, Digitalization of the legal sector, Hellström advokatbyrå.
2017, Moderator och föreläsare om Digital transformation av juridiken, VQ Forum
2017, Digital Disruption, Tulldagen
2017, Digitalisering och fastighetssektorn, föreläsning hos Fastighetsvärlden.
2017, Digitalisering av juridiken, Stora Enso
2017, Digitalisering av juridiken, MAQS Advokatbyrå
2017, Föreläsning om Digitaliseringen, Teknikföretagens Teknikföredagen
2017, Digital Disruption, Hannes Snellman Advokatbyrå
2017, Digital Disruption, Installatörsföretagen


Innovationspolitik, lecture and seminar, Swedish Parliament, 11 February
Digitalisering och Disruptiva innovationer, Svenskt Näringsliv
Disruptive Innovation, Swedish Rental conference, Stockholm.
Sharing Economy and Technological change, Centerns Ungdomsförbund.
Digital Disruption, SIME at Circus, Stockholm, Sweden, video here.
Sharing Economy and institutional change, Stiftelsekonferensen, Warszaw, Poland.
Digital Disruption, Swedish Retail at Epicenter
Digitial change and Higher education, speech for presidents of Swedish universities (SUHF), Göteborg, Sweden
Disruptive Innovation and Digital Change, speech for SEB at Epicenter, Stockholm
The Unknown truths about the Facit and Hasselblad cases, KTH Executive Education, Stockholm
Where do Innovations origin? Föreläsning för IFIA International Innovation Conference, Stockholm
Digitalization and Disruptive Change, Bonnier Group
Sharing Economy, seminar with Tieto and HSB, Visby
Financing Innovation, Ratio seminar, Visby.
Innovation and sustainable development, Svenskt Näringsliv, Stockholm.
Disruptiva Change, Diadrom Consulting, London
On the Origins of Innovations, Swedish Parliament, Stockholm.
Disruptive Innovation, Know IT, Göteborg
Uppfinningar, forskning och innovation, Svenska Uppfinnareföreningens årsmöte 24 april.
Innovation på det regionala planet, SISP Innovationsriksdagen, 22 april.
Disruptiva innovationer och Kodak Moments, CITE Computer Sweden, 21 april.
Digitaliseringens utmaningar och konsekvenser, Kungsbacka Kommun, 16 April.
Disruptive Innovation, Patterns and Challenges, Epicenter, Stockholm, 14 April.
Digital Disruption – Patterns and Challenges, Keynote itSMF Expo, 26:e mars.
Disruptive Innovation, Chalmers Professional Education, 25:e mars.
Digitaliseringens Utmaningar, Sveriges Riksdag 24:e mars.
Disruptiva Teknologier, Keynote på Cygatedagarna i Malmö, Stockholm och Göteborg, februari och mars 2015.
Mer än bara MOOC:s – hur onlineutbildning påverkar den högre utbildningen, rapportpresentation på Ratio, 30 januari.


Disruptive Innovation, Executive Education, European Institute of Purchasing Management, Geneva.
Technological Discontinuities: Current and Future Research, Chalmers University of Technology
Var skapades Sveriges 100 främsta innovationer? Uppfinnarkollegiet, Stockholm
Facitkriser och Kodaks Kollaps, seminarium med SAP, Stockholm
Kapitalismen som Skapande Förstörelse, LUF Stockholm.
Disruptiva Innovationer och Teknikskiften, Computer Sweden, Stockholm.
Disruptiva Innovationer i Besöksnäringen, Oslo.
Facitkriser och Kapitalismen som Skapande Förstörelse, Svenskt Näringsliv.
Kodak Moments and the Collapse of Nokia, Tieto, Stockholm.
Är 3D Printing verkligen en Industriell Revolution? ESBRI Estrad-föreläsning.
Svensk Ekonomisk Utveckling och Omvandling 1989-2014, Aaro Systems, Stockholm, Sweden.
Hur skapades Sveriges främsta innovationer? SKAPA prisutdelning Kalmar län, Kalmar.
Hur Teknikskiften påverkar Handeln, HUI Research Seminar, Göteborg, Sweden.
Technological Change and the Swedish Economy, MBA Students from Hong Kong visiting Sweden, Göteborg.
Kodak Moments and the Collapse of Nokia, Itera IT Consulting, Oslo, Norway.
Kodak Moments and Disruptive Innovation, SAP Innovation Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.
3D Printing – Hype och Verklighet, Stures Alumner, Stockholm, Swedem.
Kodak Moments and Technology Transitions, Stockholm Shippers, Sweden.
3D Printing and the Hearing Aid industry, Rotary Stockholm.

Innovation and structural change, Credit managers at Swedbank, Stockholm, Sweden.
Innovation and growth strategies, management at Axis Communications, Lund, Sweden.
The unknown truths about the Hasselblad and Facit cases, KTH Executive Education, Sweden.
Innovation and change in the Swedish economy, the Institute of Economics Affairs, London, the United Kingdom.
Francisco Marroquin University, Green jobs and green growth – the scientific evidence, Guatemala.
Francisco Marroquin University, Nokia’s decline and current theories on disruptive technologies, Guatemala.
The ESBRI Foundation, On Kodak Moments and the Collapse of Nokia, Stockholm, Sweden (speech in Swedish available here).
Stockholm Healthcare: Innovation in the healthcare sector – what are the challenges?, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ratio Annual meeting: competencies, factor markets and technological change, Stockholm, Sweden.
ETH Zürich, Incumbent firm challenges in the face of technological discontinuities
– A Review and Research agenda, research seminar, Switzerland.
Elfack concerning technological change in the energy sector, Göteborg, Sweden.
On economic growth and sustainability, Energiintelligent Dalarna, Borlänge, Sweden.
Tillväxtdagarna ‘Nedläggningen var det bästa som hänt oss’, Linköping, Sweden.
The fair Plastteknik: Innovation, design och industriell omvandling, Malmö, Sweden.

IFL Executive Education, Stockholm School of Economics, one hour ‘wake-up’ lecture on technological change, Stockholm, Sweden.
Two hour lecture at KTH Executive Education concerning disruptive innovation – ‘The unknown truths about the Hasselblad and Facit cases’, Stockholm, Sweden.
The Christian Democratic Youth Party on Capitalism and Creative Destruction, Uppsala, Sweden.
The New Zealand Initiative: Is Sweden a socialist economy?, Wellington, New Zealand
Upsala Nya Tidning, speech on digital technology and structural change, Uppsala, Sweden.
Seminar presentation at Victoria Management School: Business model innovation from an open systems perspective., Wellington, New Zealand.
Otago University MBA: Disruptive Innovation, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The Network Innovation Pioneers, a two hour lecture on technological discontinuities, Stockholm, Sweden.
Introduction speech and business model workshop at Diadrom’s conference, Berlin, Germany.
Lecture at KTH Executive Education concerning disruptive innovation, Stockholm, Sweden.
Stockholms Läns Landsting, introduction speech at a one-day seminar about innovation in the healthcare sector, Stockholm, Sweden.

The board of the Chalmers Foundation: ‘Digitaliseringen och Hasselblads Facit-kris’, Göteborg, Sweden.
The board of the IMIT Foundation, ‘Ny teknik och gamla affärsmodeller’, Lund, Sweden.
The 4Ward Conference at Ericsson, speech on ‘Digital Disruptions’, Kista, Sweden.
Pecha Kucha: ’Kodak moments’, Göteborg, Sweden

Volvo Trucks: ‘Perspectives on expansion and growth’, Göteborg, Sweden
TEDx: ‘The Digital Disruption’, Göteborg, Sweden
Top management at Bona Chemistry: ‘Disruptive Innovation’, Malmö, Sweden

Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS) conference ‘Utsikt’: ‘An introduction to disruptive technologies’, Stockholm, Sweden.
Keynote speaker at Omegapoint’s conference on Agile Business: ‘Technological Change – Threat and Opportunity’, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ericsson Finland: ‘Disruptive Technologies – Threat and Opportunity’, Helsinki, Finland.
Ericsson’s global research directors: ‘Disruptive Technologies’, Kista, Sweden.
Ericsson Research: ‘Disruptive Technologies’, Lund, Sweden.
The Ladok consortium: ‘Technological Change – threat and opportunity’, Stockholm, Sweden.


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