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  • Consolidation in the security industry?

    In an article at Securityinfowatch I argue that technological change has made the video surveillance industry more fragmented and that it is likely to consolidate in the coming years. The article can be found here. Antigua, Guatemala.

  • Polaroid enters the video surveillance industry?!

    Polaroid went bankrupt in late 2001 as digital imaging destroyed its profitable revenues from instant film photography. In 1997, the stock was traded around 60 dollars, four years later it was frozen at 28 cents. Ever since, the brand has lived on in various shapes and in various settings, art being one of them. The […]

  • The ongoing shift to IP Video Surveillance and predictions of future growth

    Back in October 2009, I made some predictions regarding the growth rate of IP video surveillance. Video surveillance is currently undergoing a technological transition from analog CCTV to digital cameras that are connected over the internet. The presentation below summarizes my predictions concerning growth rates that could be expected in the period 2009-2013. By drawing […]