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  • Ice harvesting, digital imaging and why history matters

    Those who study history and understand theory can make better predictions. The quote below comes from James M. Utterback, an MIT professor who has done pioneering work regarding the interplay between technological change and industrial dynamics. In 1994, Utterback compared photographic film with the old Ice harvesting industry in the Boston area, a vibrant business […]

  • Polaroid enters the video surveillance industry?!

    Polaroid went bankrupt in late 2001 as digital imaging destroyed its profitable revenues from instant film photography. In 1997, the stock was traded around 60 dollars, four years later it was frozen at 28 cents. Ever since, the brand has lived on in various shapes and in various settings, art being one of them. The […]

  • No more Kodak moments in the Olympics

    Looking back at the rise and fall of Kodak over the past century, one can make several observations about its role in society. Kodak’s hegemony was manifested through its strong presence in the Olympic Games. During these games, not only athletes compete – firms also compete for our attention. Tracking Kodak’s role in the Olympic […]

  • Photos from an abandoned Kodak building

    Below, some photos from Kodak’s old site north of Stockholm, Sweden.