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  • Hur påverkar onlineutbildning universitetssektorn?

    I fredags släppte vi en rapport om hur onlineutbildning påverkar den högre utbildningen. Rapporten kan läsas här. Resultaten sammanfattas i den debattartikel som publicerades i Ny Teknik, som kan läsas här.

  • The Chandlerian University

    Had lunch yesterday with MSc thesis workers studying how online education is emerging in the United States. They brilliantly summarized their thoughts so far, coining the term ‘The Chandlerian university’. Alfred Chandler was an economic historian, perhaps most famous for his descriptions of the modern mid 20th century western corporation (e.g. GM, Du Pont, ITT […]

  • Is online education a bubble or not?

    Michelle Rhee-Weise, PhD at the Christensen Institute argues that this is not the case. I agree, and will get back to this issue later.