Månad: december 2016

  • Article about academic entrepreneurship published

    Our paper Public policy academic entrepreneurship is now published in the Journal of Technology Transfer. Sandström, C., Wennberg, K., Wallin, M. Zherlygina, Y. (2016) Public Policy for Academic Entrepreneursip: A review and critical discussion, Journal of Technology Transfer, doi:10.1007/s10961-016-9536-x. Abstract follows below: ”This article provides a critical review and discussion of current literature on technology […]

  • Foss and Saebi highlight our contribution to business model innovation literature

    In a recent publication in Journal of Management, Foss and Saebi (2016) highlight our contribution to literature on business models, stating that we emphasize the open nature of the business model construct. The quote can be found here: ”Furthermore, as firms increasingly depend on external sources of resources and capabilities, adopting a network or open […]