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  • In Swedish: Högutbildade flyr Göteborg

    I en artikel i GT skriver jag tillsammans med riksdagskandidaten Aron Modig, och Robert Falck om hur högutbildade lämnar Göteborg. Artikeln finns här.

  • 3D Printing of Hearing Aids at Widex, Denmark

    This Thursday I visited the Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex to see some of their 3D Printing of shells. Klaus Vaarbroe at Widex has developed Widex’ 3D Printing process over the past 11 years. He was very hospitable, showed me around and explained the different steps: order intake, scanning, modeling, printing, mounting and polishing. He […]

  • Consolidation in the security industry?

    In an article at Securityinfowatch I argue that technological change has made the video surveillance industry more fragmented and that it is likely to consolidate in the coming years. The article can be found here. Antigua, Guatemala.

  • Disruptive Innovation on Swedish Radio

    Today I’m featured in a Swedish radio programme concerning disruptive technological change. You can listen to it here.

  • 3D Printing – why it isn’t (only) a hype

    In five years people might accuse me of contributing to a bubble related to 3D Printing (Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Arcam’s stock is already trading at P/E 63, whereas the American firm 3D Systems’ P/E is above 100…). Having spent my first week at the University of Cambridge and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) researching […]

  • What visionary companies do differently

    I got an article published at InnovationManagement.se, which discusses what characterizes a truly visionary company. Frequently firms try to predict the future and then adapt to it, but being visionary is more about creating or redefining the future rather than passively adapting to it. The article can be found here.

  • Article about Kodak in Ny Teknik, 14th of June 2013

  • Public Lecture at ESBRI, video available online

    This Tuesday I gave a public speech at the ESBRI foundation in Stockholm on ’Kodak moments and the Collapse of Nokia’. A great event with an interesting Q&A session. ESBRI recorded the session and it is available here (in Swedish). Slides can be found here, and ESBRI also wrote a blog post summarizing the event.

  • No more Kodak moments in the Olympics

    Looking back at the rise and fall of Kodak over the past century, one can make several observations about its role in society. Kodak’s hegemony was manifested through its strong presence in the Olympic Games. During these games, not only athletes compete – firms also compete for our attention. Tracking Kodak’s role in the Olympic […]

  • Paper accepted: Facit and the Displacement of mechanical calculators

    I was just recently informed that my article Facit and the Displacement of mechanical calculators has been accepted for publication in the journal Annals of the History of Computing. The paper seeks to explain why Facit – a Swedish manufacturer of calculators, typewriters and office furniture declined in the shift to electronics in the early […]