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  • Is 3D Printing a Disruptive Innovation?

    My work on 3D Printing and the Hearing aid industry is now published in the journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change. The paper can be retrieved here. The abstract can be found below: 3D Printing technologies have received extensive attention in recent years, but empirical investigations of how this technology is used for manufacturing are […]

  • How Disruptive is Tesla, really?

    I published a piece in MIT Technology Review assessing the disruptive potential of Tesla. Applying theory on disruptive innovation is by no means a simple task. The article can be found here.

  • 3D Printing and the Hearing Aid industry

    After two months at the University of Cambridge researching 3D printing I would like to share some observations with you. They are based upon my studies thus far of how the hearing aid industry adopted it for producing hearing aid shells in the period 1999-2007: 1) The shift didn’t cause any change in the competitive […]

  • 3D Printing – why it isn’t (only) a hype

    In five years people might accuse me of contributing to a bubble related to 3D Printing (Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Arcam’s stock is already trading at P/E 63, whereas the American firm 3D Systems’ P/E is above 100…). Having spent my first week at the University of Cambridge and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) researching […]