Overarching research theme

Technological discontinuities, Disruptive innovation, Innovation management, Busines models, Business history. A Google Scholar profile can be found here.

Peer reviewed journal publications

Laurell, C., Sandström, C. (2018) Comparing the impact of social and traditional media on disruptive change – evidence from the sharing economy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 129, April 2018, pp. 339-344. Available here.

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Sandström, C. (2010). A revised perspective on Disruptive Innovation – Exploring Value, Networks and Business models. Chalmers University of Technology. The thesis contains six articles and a 77 p. covering paper. Available

Other journal publications
Sandström, C. (2015) Is 3D Printing a Disruptive Technology? Evidence from the Hearing Aid Industry, EIPM Journal of Supply E

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