Månad: juli 2013

  • 3D Printing – why it isn’t (only) a hype

    In five years people might accuse me of contributing to a bubble related to 3D Printing (Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Arcam’s stock is already trading at P/E 63, whereas the American firm 3D Systems’ P/E is above 100…). Having spent my first week at the University of Cambridge and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) researching […]

  • Nokia’s new Lumia and Technology Overshooting

    Nokia is trying to regain lost ground in the mobile phone industry, this time by launching a highly sophisticated camera phone. The new Lumia 1020 offers 41 megapixel resolution. The main idea with all those pixels seems to be to enable users to zoom without losing image quality. This has been a drawback for many […]

  • Disruptive technologies and how firms think about markets

    In this video inverview at Francisco Marroquin University I argue that firms fail or succeed in a technological shift depending on how they relate to markets. Are markets regarded as established and fixed or thought of as fluid, complex and subject to permanent change? The brief interview can be found here.

  • What visionary companies do differently

    I got an article published at InnovationManagement.se, which discusses what characterizes a truly visionary company. Frequently firms try to predict the future and then adapt to it, but being visionary is more about creating or redefining the future rather than passively adapting to it. The article can be found here.

  • Is online education a bubble or not?

    Michelle Rhee-Weise, PhD at the Christensen Institute argues that this is not the case. I agree, and will get back to this issue later.