Scientific paper on Public Sector Innovation challenges

Together with Mattias Axelson and Joakim Netz, a paper on business model perspectives on the public sector has been published in Creativity and Innovation Management. Abstract below:

”We explore how the literature on business models can explain the outcomes of innovation attempts in the public sector. Our findings suggest that governments can access a well-developed knowledge domain for a public sector area but have a weak ability to propagate its value for society. Drawing on the business model literature concerning interdependence and distributed agency, we illustrate how a collective action problem related to innovation may arise in the public sector. We illustrate this new category of public innovation challenge with the (failed) case of the Swedish civil contingencies system and subsequently discuss a new line of inquiry for future research.”

Full reference:
Axelson, M., Netz, J., Sandström, C. (2016) Innovation Challenges in the public sector – a business model perspective, Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol26(4), December 2017, pp. 370–378.





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